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Social-emotional skills on-command

Introduction video about AskMyClass in the classroom

AskMyClass helps busy K-5 teachers respond to the social-emotional needs of students in real-time.

Add to an Alexa speaker, tablet or phone. Free for 14 days.

YES, I’d like a free trial

No credit card required.

No Alexa? Try it on your tablet, or compare before you buy.

Here’s how you can support students exactly when they need it,
from anywhere in the room.

Say “Alexa, ask my class…”

Hear the activity

Follow along or interact

Differentiate SEL activities for every student.

SEL can be taught anytime, anywhere —
even in the five minutes between lessons.

“Alexa, ask my class…

No one knows your students better than you.

Students gain…

  • Social problem solving skills

  • Listening skills

  • From less screen time

  • Agency and ownership

Teachers love…

  • Less digging for new ideas

  • Safe and curated content

  • It for whole class, groups, or 1:1

  • Quick behavior management

Social-emotional learning happens in context.
Many times a day. Not once a week.

100s of ready-to-use activities and games, at your command.

Create your own engaging and personalized activities in minutes,

with the annual membership.

Explore activities in our web hub,

with the annual membership.

Get your free guide to voice technology in the classroom

with a printable of all our commands.

A vibrant teacher community ready to help

AskMyClass was built with teachers for teachers from a community of educators across 35 states. When you join as a member, you’ll join a teacher community at the forefront of bringing 21st century skills to their students in artificial intelligence (AI) and voice technology.

“It’s a great engagement tool for students. They don’t get sick of hearing Alexa talk like they do me.” 

Emma K, 2nd grade teacher

“It’s an extra set of hands in the classroom. A tool that allows teachers to do everything! It takes the stress off your daily activities, it’s great to use in a bind and allows you to organize while students get directions or do an activity”

Nicole D, 4th grade teacher

“It’s been helpful for classroom management purposes, transitions, timers, social emotional regulation,  getting our sillies out and mindful moments.”

Courtney D, 4th grade teacher

“It is life changing in the classroom. It is like having another member of the classroom community. With Alexa in the classroom students are just more engaged.”

Nick R, 5th grade teacher

“The students have become more active listener since bringing in AskMyClass in the room.”

Elizabeth W, 2nd grade teacher

“I can program personalized messages and activities into AskMyClass, my students get really excited about that.”

Eric S, 5th grade teacher

The ultimate extra pair of hands for teachers, is priced at $20/year.

*** special subsidized price for teachers – 60% off school and district price.

With membership you can add your own content, like student names for a picker, learn from our growing community of teachers, and do much more.

Teacher Member: One Year

$20per teacher
  • All activities with year-long variations from timers, transitions, social emotional learning, and lesson support.
  • Customizable random class picker
  • Create your own voice activities
  • Learning community access
  • Become an AskMyClass ambassador
  • 24 hour response email support
  • Bring your own Alexa device or tablet app

School or District

  • Receive a single purchase order for all subscriptions

Want special pricing for your school or district?

For district pricing contact-us.

Common questions

Does it work on a phone or tablet?

Yes, AskMyClass works on the free Alexa app for phone or tablet.

What about data and privacy?

Protecting your privacy is fundamental to everything we build. Learn more at our privacy center.

Who created the activities?

All activities have been created by teachers for teachers.

Other questions

  • Alexa is the interactive voice assistant on the Echo speaker, that works just like Siri for Apple. Teachers use the timers, reminders and fact-checks in the classroom, enjoying the convenience of hands-free and screen-free technology that can save a few trips to the laptop.
  • AskMyClass are voice apps on Alexa, similar to apps on the App store. They are purpose-built for the classroom with activities like transitions, brain breaks, social-emotional learning and prompts (such as morning greetings and graded writing prompts), all with direct input from current classroom teachers.
  • On the AskMyClass site, you can see all of our activities, print classroom posters and personalize for your students. For example, add your class list and have Alexa pick a name at random, or group students.
  • Try it free for 14-days
  • The short answer is the Amazon Echo (2nd generation), which has sufficient volume even for large classrooms. But many teachers use the Echo dot and connect it to a bigger speaker by cable or Bluetooth. We also recommend the Alexa remote, which allows the Echo to stay muted, but you can still activate Alexa with the remote, giving you full control and eliminating background noise. Click here for more information on the different speakers.
  • Yes. AskMyClass is $20 for one year (subsidized price for individual teachers). However, if you change your mind in the first 30 days, just send us an email at team@goaskmyclass.com and we’ll give you a full refund. You can also delete your account anytime through our site.
  • We’ve made 7 of our most popular activities free to use, anytime. Here are the free phrases you can use.
  • With our $20 voice membership (subsidized price for individual teachers), you have access to all grade-level activities and to our site to personalize for your classroom. Plus we support you with a weekly guide for making the most of Alexa in the classroom. Here’s a comparison between the free versus paid AskMyClass.
  • Most activities are for preK and elementary. However, the customization and name picker features are frequently used by middle and high school teachers.
  • We take children’s privacy seriously and have put together information on data handling, your control of the data, and suggested settings for the classroom here.
  • No, there are no AskMyClass student accounts. Only teachers have accounts.
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