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Run a smoother classroom

Ask-and-get quick guided activities

to keep your class on task.

Refer 3 teachers, get one year for $20. Plus, trial it free for 30 days.
No Alexa? Try it on your smartphone with the free Alexa app.

How askMyClass works


Just ask for a guided activity or task in a few words. Explore or add activities in our web hub.


Hear the activity, and listen or interact.


Follow the activity as a class, in small groups, or 1-on-1.

Become a voice member

Start with full membership and access 100s of activities. Plus, create your own activities or lists, in minutes, during prep time, so that it’s available to you when you need it. Downgrade to the free starter member within 10 days.

Brain breaks

Math review questions

ELA review questions


Discussion prompts

Countdown and timers

Social emotional support

Random student picker

Voice note taker

Class fun and games

(coming soon)

askMyClass is shaped by teachers

Hundreds of teachers from 31 states, shaped askMyClass.  Join these trailblazing teachers as a voice member.  Plus, learn and progress in your use of voice technology with our new ambassador program.

“I love the transition music! It is a lifesaver for my stations. When the music stops my kids are switched and at their next station.”

Tera Friederich, 2nd Grade, Iowa

“Alexa helps me fill a minute or 2 here and there when needed.”

Kerri Olsen, Kindergarten, Wisconsin

“The transition from high energy activity was a quick way to refocus the class after lunch.”

Nicole Defilippo, 4th Grade, New Jersey

“Transition from recess was amazing. They stopped, breathed, settled. Very positive.”

Kathryn Bramlett, 5th Grade, California

“We LOVED the closing reflection. We always have five extra minutes after returning from specials before the ending bell rings.”

Jessi Johnson, 3rd Grade, Wisconsin


30 days free to try our full access membership. We also offer school-wide and district-wide discounts. Contact us here.

Full Member

$20yearly per teacher with referrals ($40 without)
  • Engaging timers, transitions, and all activities with year-long variations
  • Customizable random class picker
  • Create your own voice activities
  • Capture quick notes with voice
  • Learning community access
  • Become an askMyClass ambassador
  • Email and chat support

Starter Member

  • Free – Downgrade from Full Membership within 30 days
  • 5 most popular activities with limited variations
  • Customizable random class picker

Get going – even without an Alexa device


Sign up free for 30 days.


Try askMyClass on the free Alexa app for iPhone or Android


Say “Alexa, open My Class” to get started.

ClassAlexa is now askMyClass – same goal, different name.